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Journey with Us

Located in the marina in beautiful Marquette, IA our 49-passenger tour boat is available for a variety of\river tours. Whether you are on vacation in the area or simply taking a day trip passing through a tour with our knowledgeable river tour guides at Maiden Voyage Tours is not to be missed! RESERVE YOUR TICKETS HERE.

Preparing to embark on a Mississippi Riv

Explore the Mississippi River

Our, Captain Robert and his family truly have a love for what we do. We enjoy helping tourists experience the great Mississippi River and all it has to offer. Come along on a voyage with us and see exactly how beautiful Iowa can be and learn the secrets, history, and folklore of the Mississippi. Read about our story.

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Eco-Tours / Open Boarding

Maiden Voyage Tours offers open boarding for the general public upon our 49-passenger riverboat. We invite you to “do more, see more, and hear more when you choose us for your excursion on the mighty Mississippi. You will enjoy an interactive experience where you can ask questions, laugh, and have fun. Our captain promises to always have an answer or he’ll make something up! Our guests’ enjoyment is our number one goal. Enjoy a break from the ordinary on one of our eco-tours. 

Enjoy our Music Tours

Come sing and dance a long to fun grooves and tunes during one of our talked about river music tours. For $40.00 a person, you and your family and friends can take a break from the ordinary with our extraordinary musical trips down the Mississippi. Our local musicians can’t wait to serenade you with great Mississippi River Folklore. You won’t find another experience like this the whole 2,400 miles of this great river!   

Contact us with any questions and to Book your tour today.  

Private Tours​

Maiden Voyage Tours proudly works with a variety of groups for a one-of-a-kind private group river tour experience. We welcome private charters, nursing homes, weddings, funerals, school groups, college groups, bird-watching groups, anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions, and any other group to step aboard our great vessel. We are pleased to have worked with state and federal agencies, the Iowa and Wisconsin DNR, US Fish & Wildlife Corps of Engineers, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church groups, home schools, and tour buses in the past and we look forward to working with your organization. 

Maiden Voyage Mississippi River Music Tours

Friday and Saturday night live music on the boat. Featuring live homegrown music from local artists that bring their own music in unique ways. Ride through the backwaters of the Mississippi river listing to music that tells a story about the river and its life.
To my knowledge, there is not another experience like this on the 2400 miles of the Mississippi River. A unique experience that has to be witnessed to believe. 

Friday Night Music:
Mid May to Mid August, @ 7pm – dusk  

Saturday Night Sunset:
Mid August to September @ 6pm – dusk  

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Music Tours

Open Boarding Eco Tours

Maiden Voyage Tours open boarding for the general public. Do more, see more, hear more. Go into the backwaters of the upper Mississippi river like no other boat.
Please come and ask your questions about the river. If the captain doesn’t know the answer we’ll make something up. Laughter and fun are always the best medicine. Let Maiden Voyage Tours take you away from the day to day.

Open Boarding May 20th through October 11th, 2020

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Music River Tours
Open Boarding

Private Mississippi River Tours

Maiden Voyage Tours has had the honor to work with many groups of all kinds. Private charters, nursing homes, challenged groups of all kinds, weddings, funerals, school groups, college groups, birding groups, anniversaries, birthdays, and family reunions. I've worked with state and federal agencies,  Iowa DNR, Wisconsin DNR, United States Fish and Wildlife, Corps of Engineers, boy scouts, girl scouts, church groups, home schools, and tour buses.

Saddle up and let's go! Bring your group we have a tour. See you on the River!!

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Private Tour
Preparing to embark on a Mississippi Riv
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